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Bio Winery Requires Courage

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Bio-winery requires courage, great courage. I started my journey ten years ago. I began with much optimism but soon realized that each season is unique. Constant adaptation is key because I have only one attempt to get it right each year. Of course, my approach is very different from large-scale wineries who merely switch from one pesticide to another.

I always envisioned creating a bio-winery that thrived without the use of pesticides, herbicides, copper, or sulfur.
And after all these years, I am confident I have found the right formula. My discovery gives me real hope, especially after the devastating false mildew my vineyards experienced 12 months ago. But after repairing last year’s damage and successfully defending my organic grapes from a new seasonal attack, I believe my long search has finally been rewarded. EUREKA! 😜