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The Easy Way to Stay Healthy this Winter

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By ordering a bottle of organic sulfite free wine such as Golob Sauvignon Blanc this winter, not only are you getting yourself a fantastic gift, you are also setting yourself on the path to a happier and healthier life. Here’s why:

Health Concerns in Winter  

Staying healthy during the winter can be challenging. Freezing temperatures combined with lower metabolic rates and a suppressed immune system often leads to plethora of health related issues such as colds, noroviruses, cold sores, asthma, and sore throat. However in recent years, researchers have discovered that—in addition to the anticancer and cardiovascular promoting effects caused by the natural antioxidants in grape wine—the ethanol in wine can also boost a person’s immune system

Wine can Boost your Immune System
In a 2013 study, scientists revealed that drinking a glass of sulphite free wine per day may be able to give your immune system the boost it needs to keep you fit and healthy during the chilling winter months. In the experiment the researchers used 12 rhesus macaque monkeys to investigate the effect of alcohol consumption on the immune system.

The macaques were first vaccinated against smallpox and then allowed to drink freely over a nine month period. As expected, they displayed drinking behavior that is strikingly similar to humans. Some macaques drank the wine excessively; some drank in moderation; while others tended to avoid alcohol consumption and stuck to sugar water.

At the end of the study it was revealed that macaques that drank excessively were more prone to developing smallpox, when compared to the control group that drank sugar water. In stark contrast, the group that showed the most resistance to the disease was the group that drank alcohol in moderation. These results demonstrate that there are beneficial health effects for persons who engage in moderate alcohol consumption.

The Best Weapon against Colds

Of course, doctors also have data from a number of human based studies which support the hypothesis that sulfite free wine, in moderation, does wonders for our health. One study found that persons who drank in moderation reported 40% less colds that persons who abstained from wine completely.

Experts have posited the theory that the flavonoids in wine remove excess harmful chemicals from the body, lowers high blood pressure, and is especially effective against nasal viruses. Persons who consume alcohol in moderation have been founded to be particularly resistant to viral infection. In fact, researchers believe that moderate wine consumption can help to eradicate the over 200 viruses which can trigger the common cold.

Improve your Mood and your Health this Winter

Everyone knows that a little wine can contribute to a great time, but now we know that there is an important added benefit. We can easily fight infections and protect ourselves from serious wintertime illnesses by slowly sipping on a glass of Golob Sauvignon Blanc.

They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but judging from this new research, wouldn’t you agree that good health comes by the glassful? Cheers to a great winter!


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