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Grapes – History, Cultivation and Modern Day Uses

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Grapes are smooth-skinned, fleshy berries from the woody, perennial, deciduous vines of the botanical genus Vitis and family Vitaceae.  They exist in a wide variety of forms, flavors and textures, with different species targeted to different uses. Most of the fresh grapes that we buy at the supermarket are derived from cultivars of the European grapevine Vitis vinifera.  However there are several other popular species such as Vitis labrusca (eaten fresh or used to make grape juice in North America), Vitis amurensis (native to the Asian continent), Vitis riparia (a wild vine of North America whose fruits are used to make wine and jam) and Vitis rotundifolia (native to the Southeastern United States, and also used for wine and jam making).

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