Sauvignon Blanc – Organic, Sulphite Free

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A crisp, dry, refreshing white wine made from organically grown, hand-selected Sauvignon blanc grapes. Renowned for its floral notes, the wine pairs excellently with fish, cheese and fruit.

  • A fine wine made from sweet, organically grown Sauvignon blanc grapes
  • A crisp, fresh taste and floral aroma
  • Rich in antioxidants and other health promoting nutrients
  • Excellent with fish, cheese, fruit and pastry!
  • Contains 11% alcohol
  • No sulphite preservatives
  • Year 2013
  • Grown, harvested and bottled with love in Slovenia


Grapes are one of nature’s best sources of essential antioxidants which promote good health and well-being. GOLOB’s wine, produced from sweet organic grapes, is extremely rich in naturally occurring antioxidants.

The technologies and strategies which we have developed to produce organic sulfite free wine of the very highest quality are part of our family traditions and secrets.
We follow strict guidelines to ensure that our nutritious grapes are 100% organically grown on all 26ha of our vineyards. The grapes which are harvested are hand selected, and processed with pneumatic presses. The utmost care is taken to prevent oxidation. No sulfite preservatives are added.

Our vineyards are located near the settlements of Pekre and Limbuš, the very location where Archduke Johann Habsburg-Lorraine, the brother of Austrian Emperor Francis I Austrian Emperor Francis I, founded the first viticultural school in Styria. The Archduke was simply captivated by the extremely favorable climatic conditions in this part of the world.

Vinograd Pekrska gorca

All of our products have passed through our hands in the hope that you will receive a taste of the joy we experience in producing them. Enjoy a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle with us!

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I’m impressed the delivery got to Florida as quickly as it did — to be honest I didn’t expect it to get to me for months. As for the wine itself, it was delicious with really fruity notes. On taste alone, this bottle could sell at 5 times the current price. Highly recommended.

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