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How to Get Rid of Dry Skin this Winter

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If you are one of the millions of people who regularly suffer from dry skin, you know how embarrassing and depressing the condition can be. Despite putting up with these challenges for most of the year though, taking care of your skin during the cold winter months is especially difficult. To learn what you can do protect your skin and boost your beauty this winter, consider the insightful facts and helpful suggestions below.

How Winter Contributes to Dry Skin

While dry skin is pretty common, the low humidity and temperature often experienced during winter has an adverse effect on general skin health and makes the issue even more pronounced. In response to this setback, many persons tend to choose the most obvious remedies—a long piping hot shower or a good soak in a hot bath. However, most people are unaware that hot showers and baths—particularly in these conditions—may be doing more harm than good. Water that is too hot may cause skin to become even drier and itchier. It can also make your hair lose its luster and appear dry and dull.

How to Protect your Skin during the Winter

The best way to prevent dry skin this winter is to make good use of effective skin moisturizers. How can this be done?

Try using warm water instead of hot water for showers and baths this winter. This slight adjustment will minimize the amount of moisture lost from your skin without greatly affecting your ability to enjoy a good soak. After showering or bathing, liberally apply your favorite moisturizer to your palms and gently massage it into your skin. It is best to apply moisturizer at this time as your skin will be relaxed, moist, and supple. You may also apply it again before bedtime, as needed.

Most persons believe that moisturizing lotions and creams are absorbed into the skin; however this is generally not true. The truth is the vast number of moisturizers available on the market today act as sealants. This means that they try to protect your skin from losing its natural moisture. Therefore, if you apply moisturizer at a time when your skin is already dry, it is unlikely that the moisturizer will help.

Choosing the Best Moisturizing Products on the Market

As you may expect, the better your moisturizer is, the better your skincare results will be. One of the most highly recommended products available right now is all-natural grapeseed oil. In addition to its moisturizing effects, grapeseed oil is often used by beauty experts to regulate the skin’s natural oil production, fight acne, tighten the skin, and remove wrinkles. It also contains important antioxidants and vitamin C which brightens the skin and improves its natural glow.

One major advantage of grapeseed oil over other moisturizes is that it is a very light oil. This means that, unlike other moisturizers, it will not clog your pores. Grapeseed oil can also be mixed with your current moisturizing creams or whipped butters to greatly boost their ability to moisturize and soothe your skin. Truly, grapeseed oil is an excellent product for you to protect your skin this winter.

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